It is a Special Employment Centre, registered in the Junta de Andalucia Register Office set up for this purpose. Its goal is the same as any other company, to develop an economical activity acquiring the materials and human resources necessary, with the difference that part of the staff (at least 70%, according to the current regulations) have some physical, psychological o sensory disability. Providing their services to the company implies social and labour integration for these individuals


The circumstance doesn’t impede the normal development of the allocated jobs by each worker, since each of them assumes the adequate position according to the type and level of their disability, even more , this means an advantage to the competitiveness of our Company because the current labour legislation establishes less social security fees which allows us to give very competitive prices.

Therefore, INTEGRA give a quality level as good as any other company, with a high specialization level in each of the services offered, at the best competitive price.

Our aim is to keep you satisfied
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